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Everything you need to power client-centric referrals.

Build your referral network

Replace your spreadsheet with a dynamic directory of always-fresh information on your referral network.

Build your directory

Easily add or import the service providers you trust.

Agree on referral terms

Quickly agree on terms with clarity and confidence – without the awkwardness.

Maintain info on services and rates

Collect data on your network's services and rates, and automatically keep it updated over time.

Make referrals

Eliminate the clunky back-and-forth matchmaking work and make more connections, faster.

Share opportunities

Easily share client opportunities with your broader network and curate the best fits within 24 hours.

Give clients options

Easily share curated shortlists of your network and facilitate referral requests.

Make double-opt-in referrals

Easily make 1:1 referrals when you know just the right person.

Track and close the loop

Focus on relationships while automating the tedious and awkward parts of getting compensated.

Referral and activity tracking

Gain complete visibility into referral activity, link clicks, and more.

Automated status updates

Effortlessly stay informed on referral progress without the awkward follow-ups.

Referral fee payments and admin

Seamlessly settle referral fees and manage tax reporting with Switchboard.

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"Switchboard has helped me improve the quality of referrals I'm making to my clients and made the process more seamless for all parties involved."

Shelby W.
Solo consultant

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"Switchboard has streamlined the process of connecting the right people to our clients faster – for interim, project, or fractional needs."

Shelly M.
Founder, HR consultancy

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"Switchboard has taken the tedious parts of connecting clients to fractional execs off of my plate, helping me drastically increase my annual revenue this year."

April U.
Founder, Consultant Network

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